The Engineering Department of Chandigarh Administration is responsible for creating entire infrastructure development in the territory of Chandigarh comprising of roads and establishment of Water, providing and laying of water supply system, providing and laying underground sewerage and storm water drainage system, distribution of electric power and construction of various public buildings and housing accommodation for govt. employees of various categories. In addition, most of the buildings as occupied by Punjab and Haryana Governments have been constructed and are being maintained by the Engineering Department. At present infra-structural services are being maintained by the Municipal Corporation being of public utility but development of these services in sectors covered under Phase- III are being executed by the Engineering Department. To keep up the pace of development in compatibility to population growth of city, the building activity in the city is continuing and adequate funds are being provided under Plan schemes of the Administration.

Engineering Department is headed by Chief Engineer, who in turn is assisted by five Superintending Engineers in charge of Construction Circle-I, Construction Circle- II, Public Health, Electrical and Electricity Operation circle and officer on Special duty to CE-UT, Officer on Special Duty (Rules) and Officer on Special Duty (Planning & Design).

Construction Circle-I

Construction Circle-I is headed by Superintending Engineer. The Circle is assigned the execution of building works viz GMCH, Sector 32, OPD Block Sector 16, Paryavaran Bhawan, extension of Government Schools etc.; repair and maintenance of V1, V2, V3 roads of Northern Sectors.

Construction Circle-II

Construction Circle II is headed by Superintending Engineer. The circle handles the work of maintenance of various Government buildings, repair and maintenance of V1, V2 & V3 roads of Southern Sectors and Horticulture works in U.T. Chandigarh.

Public Health Circle

Public Health Circle is headed by Superintending Engineer. This circle is looking after rural water supply, rural sewerage, development of infrastructural services; providing and laying internal water supply and sanitary system in non-residential and residential building including their maintenance; providing and installation of air-conditioning, fire fighting system including operation and maintenance thereof. For setting up of Govt. Medical College & Hospital, air-conditioning system, fire fighting system, medical gases distribution and solar water heating system are being provided and maintained.

Besides above works, the sewerage water supply lines in 3rd Phase Sector i.e. Sector 48 to 52 have also been undertaken. The S.W.D. for area West of Sector 38 has been provided & laying of S.W.D. for sectors 54,55 and 56 is also under execution. The SWD for the remaining sectors of Phase- III has been planed.

Electrical Circle

Electrical Circle is headed by Superintending Engineer. The Circle is looking after providing and installation of internal electrical services in all the non-residential and residential building including maintenance thereof; electrification works for infrastructural development; modernisation and upgradation of ATC signals at various junctions and intersections; works of fire sensing system and passenger lifts in multi-storey buildings including maintenance thereof.

Electricity Operation

Electricity Operation is headed by Superintending Engineer. Electricity Operation Circle is responsible for arranging power from various sources (as Chandigarh does not have its own source) and distribution and transmission thereof to all type of consumers. Power is being purchased from BBMB against 3.5% share of U.T.; special assistance at global rates from BBMB; from NTPC, NHPC, NPCIL etc.

Present power entitlement is 250 MW. The peak demand for last year touched 272 MW and this year it is ancipated to reach 320 MW.

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