Madhumeha Mukthi – Control of Diabetes through Yoga

Life style diseases of diabetes and hypertension are on rise and posing a great health challenge to the society and also to the quality of life of the people. Chandigarh Administration proposes to decrease the number of patients of diabetes and bring those suffering from Diabetes, through a multi centric, multi factoral approach in which yoga will pay a major role.

• Early morning yoga classes have been started at 38 schools
• The residents avail the benefit of these yoga classes for improving their blood sugar status and achieving healthy lifestyle. All the diabetic cases will be referred to these centres for regular Yoga activities.
• The patients detected with high sugar levels will be referred to the Non communicable Diseases Clinics and offered free treatment, investigations and follow up.
• The 2nd International Day of Yoga was celebrated in Chandigarh on 21st June 2016 in which Hon’ble Prime Minister also participated
• Further strengthen these activities, to prevent new cases of diabetes, diagnose existing ones and control them in the coming 5 years