3-D Bird Museum

Virtual birdie stand started with an aim to induce the value and importance of the existence of various distinct species of birds around the world with the help of advance technology like 3D virtual world, human gesture and motion recognitions controls at 2 sites – one at Museum Sector 10 Chandigarh and other at Sukhna Lake Chandigarh. Concept was implemented by a Rajasthan based in collaboration with Reliance Jio under CSR for UT Chandigarh.
The Nature Interpretation Centre, located near Sukhna Lake, was updated with some interactive 3D images of migrating birds to enhance the experience of bird lovers as well as other visitors. It’s been 2 months and people seem to be enjoying this new feature. The pictures were installed by Jaipur-based Technology Consulting Company.
The images are linked to a mobile application, Digiwings. This application not only displays 3D images of the birds but one can also listen to the voice of birds as well as get to know more details about the avian species. The app also provides interesting facts about Sukhna Lake. Approximately 150 visitors come to visit the museum on weekdays whereas nearly 500 people visit the museum during weekends.
The Nature Interpretation Centre is divided into two sections and about 30 photos are there at the museum. One section is about birds and the other is about animals. In the birds section, a machine is being installed in which there are many pictures of different birds. It works with the help of a keyboard which has different buttons with the birds’ name and if you press the button of any specific bird, the machine will highlight the bird and will make its sound.
One can capture the bird and click its image with the gestures. A person can get the image which the machine captured by scanning the QR code given in the mobile application of the user.
This unique initiative is one of its kind and will be prime manifest for UT Chandigarh at international level. The initiative has helped to attract tourists from different parts of the world to visit city beautiful. Besides, it also aides in learnings and knowledge sharing among the citizens especially students about various species of birds.

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  • Address: Interpretation Center at Sukhna Lake and Govt Museum, Sector 10