Vidyarthi Mitra – Counseling services for children

Today’s children face many issues for which they need proper guidance. Hence, there is a need felt to provide counseling to them. The aim of Vidyarthi Mitra is to provide these counseling services through a helpline
• Career counseling will provide the requisite information to the students to help them take the right decision related to their careers.
• Apart from this, general counseling will be provided to those children who face other issues leading to distress
• All the institutes and a few private schools have agreed on the need for such a helpline and offered to share the cost for setting it up and running it sustainably.
• The upcoming helpline will have a trained rescue team
• Helpline will be advertised through FM radio, a popular medium among students. The idea is to reach as many students as possible
• Teachers, front office staff and even security guards across institutes will be trained and sensitised.